Expand your moral imagination and build your ethical toolkit by completing a HASS Concentration in Ethics, or develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the technical and sociocultural pracitice and human implications of computation through the HASS Concentration in Computing and Society

Three students holding engineering projectsEngage with industry-specific ethical dilemmas in classes like Bioethics, The Ethics of Climate Change, Ethics of Technology, and more.

Get another dose of embedded ethics education and build other professional skills essential to your engineering career through GEL and NEET.

Put your moral imagination to work by engaging in public service through the PKG Center or co-designing solutions to poverty with communities around the world through D-Lab

Become an agent of change by joining the Algorithmic Justice League, an MIT-based organization combines art and research to illuminate the social implications and harms of artificial intelligence



Two MIT students admiring scenery abroadUse Envisioning Cards to help you consider long-term societal implications of your design and engineering projects. 

Stand up for ethical and impactful uses of science with the Union of Concerned Scientists, an organization formed in 1969 by student and scientist activists at MIT. 

Find articles and videos discussing the societal impacts of technology curated by Build Tech We Trust.