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Undergraduate students

24.133 Experiential Ethics will be offered next in Summer 2021 (credit awarded in Fall 2021). Applications are now open. For questions, contact Sophie Gibert.

Undergraduate Students: Apply Here

Graduate Students

Graduate Teaching Fellows are key to the success of this program. All graduate students are welcome to apply, but those whose research focuses on ethics, social implications of technology, or related moral and societal issues are especially welcome. For more information, visit the Teaching Fellows application form. For questions, contact Sophie Gibert.

Applications have closed for Summer 2021.


This program is designed to supplement student experiences without requiring extra work for faculty or employers, but faculty involvement is certainly welcome. Whether you have feedback on the program, want the UROP students in your lab to participate in the program, or simply want to learn more about what this program entails, we encourage you to contact Kate Trimble, Senior Associate Dean and Director of OEL. 

Broader MIT Community

We do not expect every MIT student to become a philosopher or an activist, but we hope that all MIT students graduate with an expanded moral imagination and the habit of considering the vast array of societal implications of their work. This is not an easy task. No matter your role in the MIT community, you can lead conversations about ethics and morals, encourage students to engage in ethics education, and encourage your colleagues to do the same.